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Smooth and waterproof Phenolic Film Faced Plywood

Phenolic film faced plywood

Phenolic film faced plywood

Coronation Ply is a wholesaler and exporter of high quality PLYWOOD other panel products mainly from India.Our mission is to be trustworthy andflexible to our partners.Our people are innovative experts in the field and ready to communicate in different European languages.

Coronation Ply is made completely with birch wood having following the firmest quality controls. Its structure is made up of birch sheets glued to each other and endangered on the outside faces with a best Film Faced Plywood covering. The final meeting provides a stable, clean and resilient surface for our formwork systems.

For the manufacture, we took advantage of the fact that wood is a renewable reserve, biodegradable, eco-friendly and does not pollute the environment. The birch wood, which is used for the sheets that make up the phenolic resin-coated plywood, comes from forests with measured logging.

The Phenolic Plywood, unlike sheet metal, does not dent, rust or leave marks on the concrete; it produces an excellent fair-faced tangible finish. Depending on it is treated by the workers on site, the number of times it can be reused can be increased significantly and with this, its cost-effectiveness is increased.

Used mainly in the construction industry for concrete formwork, film faced plywood is easy to use and gives a quality "shutter finish.” Very multipurpose, film faced plywood is also used in the coach form industry, for use in auto body structure and in event manufacturing, for use in parquet, or throughout interior design.

We always stock a wide selection of Phenolic Film Faced Plywood ranging from lower-cost to high-end panels, for a multiplicity of uses.

Our retailers and suppliers have an in depth information of their local markets. We have no desire to compete with them, but rather to work in partnership with them. For generations, we have worked with the industry’s leaders, throughout the nation, in order to better allocate the products, which we import.

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Smooth and waterproof Phenolic Film Faced Plywood
Coronation Ply is a wholesaler and exporter of high quality PLYWOOD other panel products mainly from India...
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